Abortion Rights Protest

I just walked to the grocery store in down town Salt Lake and got caught in the middle of an abortion rights demonstration.
A few observations:

  1. there were way way way more people in this crowd, 1,000+, than in any of the George Floyd protests.
  2. Some of the signs were pretty confusing like “Guns have Rights but my P*y doesn’t" and "Off with your Dk”.
  3. They assumed, an old guy standing on the corner watching them go by would be against their cause. They would come closer and wave their signs where I would see them.
  4. Most were less than 30 years old and most were women.
  5. They had NO Manners, None. The blocked traffic, walk into people, block store fronts etc.
  6. Not A SINGLE Cop in sight.
  7. They were for the most part peaceful physically.

Someone asked. “Not sure why this topic appeared on this forum”.
This is exactly why. Forewarned is forearmed.


As the purveyors of death and violence against the most innocent of our world, I have no reason to believe they will remain as such. If I can’t avoid these crowds, I’ll make a 180 degree turn and take the longer route. No thanks.


Women who act like children and animals won’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Maybe Darwin is still with us.


Never forget that a mob has a mind of its own and it is not a rational mind. Avoid them at all cost. Mostly peaceful can turn deadly in a heartbeat.


I won’t expect them to think and act reasonably and logically.
Avoid at all costs.