A Virtuous Observation

Remember a year or so ago When Masks, Social Distancing, Vaccination were all signs of how intelligent and caring a person was. When following the CDC guide lines to safe your neighbors obese uncles life were signs of compassion?

Now we read how intelligent it was to ignore ignorant CDC guidelines, how intelligent it was to avoid the jab, how uncle Slim would have died from the VID masks or not.

It’s a war of the Virtuous vs the Virtuous.


Well, the way this tug of war looks like, neither side of the pulling hasn’t crossed over for the win. It’s stagnant. The vaccinated Virtuous just go on living, as for the nonvaccinated Virtuous just go on living as well. The covid virus is still around, and now the flu virus is also coming around. Get your covid boosters and the flu shots they say (CDC). The Virtuous wars continue, some get their vaccines, some don’t, and life goes on as usual. We’re all swimming in the same dirty cesspool. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :face_vomiting: :flushed:


Well I have refused to wear a mask or to be tested,I take vitimiun C,D3,and zinc and refuse the death jab also and scorn the ones the does what they say and he ones that


@Mike164, @Ronald150, @Layton
I spent just a little over a year on the front lines of this pandemic as a first responder. Politicians tied our hands behind our backs, so we couldn’t do our jobs! Create fear and panic and round up the sheep! It was tragic! When you take the hands of medicine out of medical treatment, nothing good happens. The CDC/Fauci either new exactly what was happening and withheld that info or they, like everyone else didn’t have a clue!
I was a-symptomatic with covid symptoms before anyone said anything about Covid 19. (Influenza A, B and C, Swine flu and Avian flu are all classified as Covid viruses!) After a day and a half of not feeling good and feeling like I was getting sicker, I went to the doctor. Dr. Jack Daniels! Took 3 good size shots, went to bed and woke up the next morning feeling great!

Vitamin D, Zinc, B-12/B Polin, Folic acid and plenty of sunshine are the best prevents to take. Avoid Ibuprofen for fever - Tylenol instead!

Build up your immune system. Go to church, shake your neighbor’s hand, lick every doorknob you see and play in the dirt. (BLS before ALS - rub some dirt on it!)

Just my observations from the front line and my honest opinion. Virtuous/virtue signaling? Just do what you feel is the right thing to do and stop worrying!


Anyone remember this?

Essential personnel shall include;
Liquor store clerks/owners,
drug dealers,
robbers, looters, rapists and other thieves,
anyone expressing anti-American and anti-semetic views,
anyone wanting to burn down entire city blocks.

We’ll include - Dr’s. nurses, first responders and the police, but only on a restricted and limited basis!


I do agree with that,but I really admire the first responders that had their hands and feet tied,they were the brave ones,just hope most avoided and refused the DEATH JAB,and ith vacs were tho kill and control the people and a lot of the slaves went along with it and the old saying of the a holes in charge WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT,WE ARE HERE TO HELP! It really means we are here to kill you!


It was a real s**t show! We lost personnel before the “JAB” even was out and available. Some took the jab, others didn’t. A lot of us lost our jobs for refusing it! Getting the vax is a personal choice! I don’t begrudge those who got it or those who refuse it!

The Georgia stones! Placed for all to see! Reduce the world population to five hundred million! 1% in control and the rest - SUBSERVIANT!


The world is constantly changing and staying the same at the same time. If we don’t want people to force us to think like them we can’t force them to live like us but we can find common ground. My 2¢


That’s worth more than a million!


Ah yes, rioting made you immune from a otherwise deadly decease.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
― Abraham Lincoln


When I went to my 50th high school reunion, lots of geezers, including me were in attendance. I asked the folks sitting at my table “How many of you have contracted COVID?” Every hand went up.

My guess is that COVID has made its way through nearly the entire population and lots of people died, but lots of people survived.

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It’s one of those rare virus’s that can be catastrophic or cause a person who contracted it to have zero symptoms at all. what we’ve seen on the front lines is people can and do contract it more than once, but after the first contraction, many people have developed “herd” immunity. Even without a vax, symptoms are tending to be a lot milder with no need for medical treatment.

Despite the ongoing push of the vax, calls for transport have dropped to a limit so low it has become a non-issue. We often get comments like - If it’s such a non-issue, why are you still disinfecting your ambo’s? It’s always been standard healthcare protocol! “Gee, I broke my arm!” = transport and disinfect for the next transport.



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