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Intoxicated Seffner man points rifle at trooper investigating hit-and-run crash: FHP
By FOX 13 News StaffPublished November 15, 2023 9:46AMHillsborough CountyFOX 13 News

SEFFNER, Fla. - A Seffner man has been arrested after the Florida Highway Patrol says he pointed a rifle at a trooper who went to his house while investigating a hit-and-run crash.

According to FHP, a trooper went to a home on Shangri La Drive in Seffner shortly before 5 a.m. on Wednesday.

The trooper says he identified himself and spoke with a 67-year-old man believed to be the driver involved in a hit-and-run crash, through the front door. When the man opened the door, he aimed a rifle at the trooper, according to FHP.

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FHP states that the trooper ordered the man to put down the gun and he complied.

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The trooper says he secured the man, who, according to FHP, was intoxicated, and arrested him.

The man has been charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon, improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon or firearm, and use of a firearm while intoxicated.


Let’s pad those charges and hope for a plea deal. Gotta love our “justice” system. He identified himself as an officer, so do many criminals. The guy was drunk and you expect him to be rational? He complied once he realized it was an officer of the law making it not an improper exhibition of a firearm and aggravated assault on an officer, but a case of self-defense while in his home. I am not stating the guy is innocent, but the charges are trumped-up to try to force a plea agreement - typical MO.


How is that self-defense?

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Someone comes to your home early morning claiming to be an officer… you think about it a bit. I know you are capable.

I wouldn’t be pointing my rifle at someone based on that. I do not believe doing so would be self defense. If anything, the police officer may be able to shoot the homeowner in self defense.

It’s kind of like the Farmington police situation, it seems…you don’t get to point your gun at someone for knocking on your door

Re-think the situation.

If there was justification for pointing a gun at the officer, I definitely don’t see it.

The prosecution doesn’t seem to either.

We can follow the court case and any evidence released to see how this ends as time goes on, though.

You don’t get to point your gun at someone for knocking on your door. You don’t get to point your gun at someone for knocking on your door and claiming to be a police officer, especially when they truly are a police officer.

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Again, re-think the situation. The guy was not in a rational state, he was drunk. Somebody comes to his door early in the morning. What part of town does he live in? Holding a firearm in one’s hands isn’t illegal. Who knows how it was handled. Officer’s word against his. Officer’s always report the truth. /sarc

Being drunk doesn’t excuse the behavior, either.

What about the situation do you believe makes it justified to point his gun at the officer?

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Don’t answer the door.


Or, answer the door without opening the door. Just speak, from not right next to the door, talk through the door/wall


LOL right. You seem to have never been drunk, then, I guess. I could tell you numerous stories of things drunks did that were not rational.

When I worked at a convenience store in my youth, a guy came racing into the parking lot with three poice cars hot on his trail. After they arrested him, they told me he blew a 0.37. Tell me about rational behavior while drunk.

I have never been drunk enough to point a gun at someone I should not have, that is correct.

If I did, I wouldn’t expect to be excused for my behavior because I was drunk.

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Neither did I state that. You presume too much that is not stated. Re-read my posts. Comment on what I stated, not what you assumed I meant. I write very concisely. What I state is what I mean, not what you interpret I stated. You seem to have problems understanding simple statements, willfully or otherwise,

Apologies if I missed it, but…what do you see as justification for pointing his gun at the officer? You have told me to rethink it, and I have, so far all I recall reading is basically that he was drunk and irrational when he illegally pointed a rifle at a police officer while the officer was lawfully performing his duties

Give your high-horse a rest, it must me tired carrying all of your baggage. Just do what you do best and assume something stupid about what I stated and give it a rest. I am done with this non-sense.

@Karacal :shushing_face: :ear: Nathan57 & Dave17 are going at it. Bring out the popcorn! :yum: