A Training Film from 1943

Have we learned anything?


Right out of the communist playbook, it hasn’t changed. 1932 or 2022. :thinking:


Guess they should show this on movie night & lefties should get in free…


Elementary, Jr High and High Schools as well.


These should be added as basic curriculum for all Americans to understand the real threats to our republic :


Obviously we haven’t learned squat, or we wouldn’t be watching training films from the fourties’. If we were serious at all, we would put and end to the fire that is burning the future of our children/grandchildren!
Many countries learned how to end the tyranny and some are still just complaining about it!
So, NO, we haven’t learned anything! Then again, maybe we have.
We learned to repeat it! Pun intended,
I’ll say it again, we learned to repeat it!
It’s probably the reason for my heart attack, for five years I’ve been putting up the fight, except nowadays my doctors and wife won’t let me fight back! It’s a shame we can’t speak freely, if so we could end this in a week!

It’s funny, we don’t need training films, my father and his father taught me everything I need to know . That training film is for our grandsons. Sorry ladies but there are no more momma bears, Rosie has left the building.
If that upsets you, you’re upset with the wrong guy!
This administration is turning your kids into full blown suckers! Your new training film is the Waukesha Massacre circa 2021. How many more must die, before we put an end to it, by 2022, can we, should we, wait till 2022?
I think by then we’ll be saying, woulda, coulda, shoulda at every funeral!

Let’s give credit where credit is due, Hitler was NEVER “VOTED” OUT.
Todays grandsons/daughters don’t believe that history happened. Maybe they deserve everything they get! You can’t learn if you don’t fail! This country is about to fail! Obviously, men have been put in their place! Now we are counting on all you Rosie’s out there, CAN YOU DOT IT?

Me, I’ll be long gone by the time they try to explain all this to their sons and daughters, sad thing is they will be explaining it in their new native Chinese tongue!
This is no game anymore, China WILL take Taiwan and Australia, the Russians WILL take Ukraine and one of them will take down the greatest power on earth ( no worries, Canada will fall too! ) and will earn the right to call themselves KING.
If this makes you angry, you’ll need a few more training films!
Please don’t take our defeat personally! We had EVERY OPTION at our disposal! We blew it! One win in Virginia is not going to set the earth back on its axis!
The newest Covid-19 Omicron variant will stay here until the vote is stolen again!