A Timely Prediction

As our law enforcement and court systems continue to break down, don’t be surprised to see a rise in vigilantism - neighborhood watches will become armed patrols - even at local levels - and I don’t have to tell you about the results. If you want a prime example, look up the case of Ken McElroy in Missouri in 1981 - after 21 indictments for various crimes, the townspeople of Skidmore were tired of this thug, and set up a plan to kill him - he was shot in his pickup truck with two different rifles, in front of a crowd of people, and to date, no witness has appeared to name the killers. The case resulted in a book, a 60 Minutes episode, a made-for-TV film, and a documentary.


Not going to need a book or a documentary! Watch it out your front door.
Did I see anything, I lost my eye sight in a voting accident!


Still laughing :rofl: :joy: :rofl:.
I’m actually reading through my ballot as we speak, My Eyes my eyes are getting blurry…


Yeah ok I’m in. Watched all the death wish training films, now I’ll just wait, shouldn’t be too long…


Finished filling out my early ballot today. Took two hours, but most of it is whether to keep certain judges or not. With the number of items on our ballot it would be hard to effectively be informed enough to fill it out at the polling place :thinking: