A thought for retired military and VA recipients

Out of curiosity (nothing more) I was researching what would happen to my military retirement if I were somehow involved in a use of force incident and later convicted of a crime. With the current political climate which tends to always blame the person using force this is a sad reality.

What I’ve discovered is that if convicted of a misdemeanor or felony and sentenced to confinement, after the 61st day of confinement you lose your pay or benefits.

Be very careful before you go for your ccw.


This information is false, misleading, and inaccurate.

Can either of you show citations for the information?

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Can you run a Google search? This one is very easy. Just ask the questions: what happens to a military retiree’s pension if he becomes incarcerated? What happens to VA benefits if I become incarcerated? You’ll find tons of citations. The headlines will be worthless. You’ll have to read some stuff to get educated. I am a VA and TVC Certified Veteran Peer Mentor. This has, unfortunately, come up several times over the past 15 years I’ve been doing volunteer work with wounded troops and disabled veterans. But I am NOT an attorney.


I already knew the answer, but the links would be for those who did not. Normally the one making the statement would be the one to have citations for the information they stated. All good.


It sounds like you knew the answer and have the links if you do the post them out here. That is how you can educate the people make it easier not difficult. Have a good one.

Actually, the pension benefits are terminated on the 61st day:

Veterans in receipt of VA pension will have payments terminated effective the 61st day after imprisonment in a Federal, State, or local penal institution for conviction of a felony or misdemeanor. Payments may be resumed upon release from prison if the Veteran meets VA eligibility requirements. Failure to notify VA of a Veteran’s incarceration could result in the loss of all financial benefits until the overpayment is recovered.


@Dawn Thank you for the link! This doesn’t deter me from carrying concealed. It has always been my responsibility to protect myself and family from harm. Military service provided me with a solid foundation on determining lawful action.


You folks are dangerous with your computers. Government rules are ALWAYS complicated. So is real life!

If the incarcerated veteran has DEPENDENTS, the veteran can assign his benefits to the DEPENDENTS while he/she is incarcerated. In that case, they are not “terminated.” Furthermore, a SERVICE CONNECTED DISABLED veteran’s rating will be reduced to 10% for the duration of his/her incarceration. Pretty similar rules with military retirement pension benefits.

People should not cut and paste or talk about crap they are not actually qualified to give advice about! Geez.

There are a lot of details on that page - and VA benefits appear to be able to be reinstated.

As with all other legal/financial situations, please consult the experts for complete details and how they will be interpreted. :slight_smile:

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Please see my follow up comment, @Ken38. Not everything is cut and dry.

What Michael7 posted is true - but there are also other details to consider and every situation is different.

I’m not arguing with you. You are not a licensed professional. I am. You are wrong and what you are doing is misleading and inaccurate and designed to kowtow people into government compliance so that USCCA does not have a spike in cases. I’m not naive or uninformed. I’ve been there and done this stuff…long before USCCA existed. I’ve noticed the change in tone of posts in the past few days, and you admitted to it…in writing. I will not participate in this sort of oppression by propaganda. I will not support it financially. So I will be switching to a LEGIT coverage provider.

That escalated quickly…


The “real” Ken finally came out. Bye!

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@Ken38, yes there have been some trolls in recent days - we discussed that privately.

You’re also right that I am not a license professional when it comes to VA issues. I cited a link with details that someone was referring to and suggested people look into the details if it affects them.

The Veterans issue being discussed here is not related to how USCCA Membership benefits would be applied. The USCCA is there to assist our members with their legal defense after having a physical self-defense incident along with providing self-defense education and training.

There is no intent to oppress anything by propaganda here. The website cited was in reference to the original post here.


Well I didn’t post this to start a fight, just to start a conversation. People like Ken are why I don’t visit here much anymore. Thanks to dawn and others for trying. Good day.


@Michael7 Stay safe Brother. :+1:


Hey Michael,

I think I figured out what you read.

however, another site shows this:

So really, there are conflicting stories here on some levels and I think the most important thing is that people seek out actual information in their state for themselves to be sure. I wouldn’t want to steer anyone into legal trouble or put them at risk of the wrong information that might impact their benefits.