"A swing and a miss"

WTH…$10 Million for :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: What???

Martin Luther King Jr. statue in Boston draws online mockery, disdain (msn.com)


32 tons of bronze…money that could have actually helped MLK’s dream instead of angering even his family members…and ironic in this era of tearing down statues.


Let me see… It probably went something like this: 3.0 million for the real estate that it sits on. 2 million for the permits, code compliance requirements, and legislative pan greasing, and photo ops, 1 million for the producer, 1.5 million for the raw materials, 1 million for the Architectes, 1 million for the visionary, 475k for the sculptor, 250k for shipping and handling, 25k for taxes; no money for what he fought or stood for, no money for the family, no money for the relief of student debt, no money for the relief of the poor, no money for the civil rights movement.

But who are we to tell someone what they can and cannot do with their own money… it was someone’s own money…wasn’t it?


No kickback money mentioned?
Still good business for a number of people.

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Dick Van Dyke reads a speech, written by Rod Serling, that he delivered on 5/31/64 at the LA Coliseum amongst notable presenters as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

O.M.G. :scream: :rofl: