A Summer of Love

The Dept of Homeland Security warned today of the prospect of a violent summer.
Since the riots in Portland, Seattle and other large cities awhile back weren’t “violent” I’m wondering what violent rioting looks like?

I plan on avoiding major metropolitan areas and monitoring AM news radio if I absolutely have to go to a big city so as not to be blind sided.
Of course, this could be mis-information put out by the DHS.
One never knows these day.


Conditioning our minds


We’re being programmed, but I wouldn’t let my guard down!
We’re also talking about fanatics and when pushed into a corner they turn into rabid dogs!
If I were me, I’d expect much violence! The heat is already on, as soon as the A/C goes out, they will burn everything and every institution to the ground! People will get hurt!
I don’t need a DHS warning! The writing was on the wall the day he said “so help me god”


To avoid traffic jams and conflict, in summer, yes do look for various alerts as to when and where marches or protests are. Some my be online or via email alerts; News radio stations, such as some AM stations can help. Good post.


might be sooner than this summer
SCOTUS might be issuing a decision as soon as Monday [FOX News] for Roe vs Wade
The court hands out decisions at 10;00 on Mondays [what a way to start out the week]

Be safe Brothers


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As always a few bad apples destroy any progress made. I’m seeing police look the other way at illegal activity. I asked a old LEO when he was going to retire and he said
“ it’s easy money cause they don’t want to us to do anything anymore “
I talked to a retired LEO from another town, he started getting all cranked up about “ getting paid to not do his job “ happy thoughts big guy your here to relax.
PS: I’m lost like a bee in a blizzard about the mess we are in. I don’t see it getting better in my life time.
PSS: I use to talk to a best friend a while back before he passed about a project I did and he would say “ you won’t have to do that again in your life time “ Hmmm
Had another buddy that use to say “ as long as they don’t eat us we might be ok “
Stay sharp.