A Sad Story repost

I forgot the link on my first post. I may not have got the entire story but the headline says it all. It came from FOX news.

‘Gun free zone’ law disarmed Virginia Beach shooting victim, attorney says

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I read that story. Apparently she was concerned with the shooter’s behavior and had a long talk with her husband the night before about wanting to conceal her licensed handgun in her purse and bring it to work with her. Ultimately, because it was against workplace rules, she decided against it.



Pretty sad and SO not necessary
Here’s the link

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Thanks Zee. I’m pretty much a techidiot.

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This is why I don’t believe there should be restrictions on where we can carry. Including company policy. Especially if they’re not going to provide security services. And why I donate to pro-2A groups that believe the same. Unfortunately where I work falls into this category, and I’m the security services. (And yes, it’s unarmed security. It really shouldn’t be either. It just makes us canon fodder so to speak.)

Honestly armed security is 95% preventive security as opposed to active. If people know security is armed they’re going to go elsewhere to commit these terrible attacks. If everywhere is “armed” they’re either going to have to risk it if they’re desperate enough to do this, or they’re going to have to find some other outlet, which I would hope would be some sort of counseling or therapy.

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