A Nostalgic Loss For Us Wheelgunners

This is referencing the Starr revolver, which - next to Colt and Remington - was the 3rd most-supplied revolver to the Union in the Civil War. It was a truly unique design - you have to really examine the 3 versions that were offered - and it was the handgun Eastwood carried in “Unforgiven”. Unlike Colt and Remington, Ebenezer Starr was too dependent on military contracts, and didn’t create much civilian interest if at all in these revolvers, and his company folded shortly after the War. I’ve always felt this as a downright shame - I would’ve really been interested to see what cartridge versions might’ve evolved from the Starr. FYI


You made me look. Hadn’t realized there were double action pistols in service during the civil war. Looks like an interesting piece of history. Though not sure I could get used to the reported 18 pound trigger pull!

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I don’t have anything to add, but since this topic is related to history of firearms, I’ll admit that every time someone says “wheel gun,” I think of these.

Wheellock - Wikipedia


That’s an even bigger step back in time!