A New Abbreviation

You all know what SNAFU, ASAP, BOHICA, and KMA stand for - my new one is UPITA (“Unqualified Pain In The …”) Will this sink or swim? This describes my efforts to find healthy food choices in my local supermarket - it takes me more than an hour - if I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d say that all the sugar and sodium in our food is the industry’s approach to population control. Just look at how native diets have been wrecked in places like Hawaii. FYI - Kurt

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I am of the opinion that most boomers and us Gen X types are going to live much longer than out minds will last due to the foods we ate a coveted as children. Twinkies and Ding Dongs, there are so many preservatives in them we will never die!



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Yeah my daughter seeks these also. Mostly sol. As for me ; just want to live long enough to be a whack job. So far that’s working out. And fry cakes ( long johns for younger folks) are the best. Also old time crullers not the baked ones

Just to ensure the list is more complete;


are two that should always be included with SNAFU, BOHICA and the others.


Could be the area you live? May not be enough demand.

When I was working at a local University and supervised perhaps 15 student workers, most Asian I had one student who I just loved and wanted to adopt. Will spoke prety good broken english and was just a brilliant young man. He loved learning our sayings like FUBAR, SNAFU etc. We had a couple laughs when he sent departmental e-mails using the terms. It made all of us smile. I was the only person who got in trouble for it, and it was well worth it. We all laughed.

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Add bfh & bfg. Call my dog pita he’s a bicycle dog. Just makes your ass tired.


Used to use one to remove an oil filter on a tractor and my old truck I had back in the 80s.

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