A money-saving and common-sense reform

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Lawmakers move to automate Selective Service registration for all men

Story by Leo Shane III, Bryant Harris

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Lawmakers move to automate Selective Service registration for all men
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A new plan from House lawmakers would automatically register men for a potential military draft when they hit age 18, avoiding potential legal consequences connected to failing to file the paperwork at the proper time.

Language included in the House Armed Services Committee’s draft of the annual defense authorization bill would mandate the automatic registration of all males between ages 18 and 26 living in America in the Selective Service System, the federal database used for a military draft in case of a national emergency.

The system hasn’t been used for that purpose for 52 years, but men who fail to register can face a host of legal consequences, including forfeiture of eligibility for federal programs and possible jail time.

But the number of individuals who have skipped registering has increased in recent years, in large part because registration options were removed from the federal student loan process two years ago. That had accounted for nearly a quarter of all registrations in prior years.

Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, D-Pa., sponsored the automatic registration language and called it both a money-saving and common-sense reform.

“By using available federal databases, the [Selective Service] agency will be able to register all of the individuals required and thus help ensure that any future military draft is fair and equitable,” she said during debate on the idea Wednesday night.

“This will also allow us to rededicate resources - basically that means money - towards reading readiness and towards mobilization … rather than towards education and advertising campaigns driven to register people.”

The Selective Service System costs roughly $30 million a year. Lawmakers have proposed a number of reforms to the database in recent years, including adding women and completely eliminating the agency altogether, but none have made it through Congress.

The latest proposal was approved unanimously by the committee but still must advance through the full House and Senate before it can become law. The authorization bill, which contains a myriad of military budget and policy priorities, is expected to be finalized by the two chambers sometime this fall.


I signed up for selective service in Germany, already in the Army. They came to me and said “We know you haven’t signed up because you turned 18 years old after you got here…”.


I have 2 draft cards. One said 1H class while still in school, Then it went 1A later :us: :us: I enlisted though.


Seems to be a way to encourage and enable more forever wars. And what about those who have been allowed to falsely “change” their sex on government id’s? Do they get a pass?


I dunno, I, for one, would be all for mandatory service of all 18-25 year old Americans. I don’t see it as perpetuating wars I see as serving ones country, skin in the game so to speak. But then again, I enlisted on my own.


Yes. I think the Israelis have it right. We all witnessed when war was declared the Solders came back from all over the world to fight. Even the rich and famous. :saluting_face:


Is “Doing the right thing” DOA in this country anymore?

I turned (18) I went to the Post Office and signed the little card.
My Father told me @ (16) this was the right thing to do, For God and Country.
He was from Italy (Old School) he came here became a US Citizen and instilled that
Pride in all his kids (even an adopted one)
I didn’t protest, Argue, THINK about NOT doing it. Just like you don’t talk back to your Parents.
(Not if you wanted to live anyway)
All my friends at different times were told the same deal. This is what you did.
In Band of Brothers it was told in a story by an Easy Company Vet, (3) guys tried to
sign up during WW2 and were turned down—They committed suicide.
We were American kids in New York City (1978) We didn’t particularly WANT to go to WAR.
I personally was weight training and running MILES a week (while working full time)
Just because I wanted to be a SEAL. I wasn’t going in unprepared and THEN Train-up
That would have been a recipe for failure and then lose that pride/glow my Mom and
Dad had when I came back from my run’s all sweaty and rubber legged!
I still remember their look…Priceless.