A Mafia-styled Soap Opera

Here’s another post I’m updating. In 1976, the BBC produced I, CLAUDIUS, based on Robert Graves’ novels I, CLAUDIUS, and CLAUDIUS THE GOD - AND HIS WIFE MESSALINA, in 1934 and '35. A film was begun in 1937 starring Charles Laughton, but was shut down - it was intended as an epic to rival BEN HUR, but proved to be a troubled project. I bought the entire anthology - 13 episodes - on VHS, and was surprised that a documentary - THE EPIC THAT NEVER WAS, narrated by Dirk Bogarde in 1965 - had been added. This is just how good television can be, when provided with great writing and a great cast. Even my dad began to watch it, with its fine acting. It’s NOT FOR CHILDREN - even the BBC thought one scene was going too far, and censored it.