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We’ve all heard various interpretations of the Founding Fathers’ views on the Second Amendment. But what about succeeding presidents’ thoughts on gun ownership? Better yet, did any presidents own or carry guns? Below we have listed some fascinating tidbits about presidents and guns in honor of Presidents’ Day.

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I have also read that Ronald Reagan carried while in office, and that Gorbechev(sp) was, shall we say, intimidated by the fact.

I have also heard it reported that Donald Trump routinely carries.

Also, did you know there used to be a shooting range at the White House? It was there that Abraham Lincoln tested the Spencer repeating rifle.

Good article.

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It would be interesting to know if the Whitehouse has an indoor range, today.

The facts of our history and our Presidents are long and interesting.

Yes, Reagan carried, and there are reports and statements by Trump that he carries, and we know his children have been hunting.

Grover Cleveland was not only famous for his being President twice non-consecutively, he also vetoed the Texas Seed Bill, and in his veto message he said he found no authority in the Constitution to support the people.

That would be interesting to know, they do have a bowling alley

FDR signed the NFA which many can not find any authority in the Constitution for, and it is interesting, that some today seem to be ‘pro-gun’ only so far as a ‘shotgun’ for hunting… and think the government has authority not found in the Constitution to enact prohibitions on categories, types, styles, and operating systems of firearms.


I would think there would be some sort of range for the Secret Service.