A great visual demo of why you should carry a tornequet

Prob other lessons about this too, like don’t expose yourself if possible. This fellow was a cop, so his job is different than mine. Glad he lived. RESPECT for all who chose that life and career.


Just ord’d 3 North American Rescue CAT tourniquets from LA Police Gear site yesterday. $24.99 each. One for the range bag IFAK (kept in truck), one for off-body carry bag, one for second vehicle.


I carry two CAT’s in my range bag and wife has one in hers, plus both vehicle med kits have CAT’s also.


…also an example of why you should choose a tourniquet you can apply to yourself with one hand. That trooper thankfully had help.


If you watch to the end, did you notice how far he has to be flown to get to a hospital??? That would’ve been A LONG DRIVE in a vehicle transport.


Literary content from Concealed Carry, July 2020

■ We’re a long way from the days in which tourniquets were last-resort options that usually sacrificed a limb. With
today’s advanced patient transport and trauma care, tourniquets are lifesavers that are far less likely to harm than to
help, and every range bag should contain one. These units from m2 Inc are self-locking and allow for finer adjustability
than other ratcheting models, and they have the simple two-step instructions permanently printed on their nylon
webbing. They are also available in multiple sizes, which is a boon for shooters who find themselves on varying ends
of the all-too-common “one-size-fits-most” spectrum. They are available in varying models for both the military and
civilian markets (as well as dogs) at RatchetingBuckles.com

  • I’ve got CATs, SOFTT-W’s, and soon these, all over the place. On gun belt or shoulder holster, in Day bag, GHb, Trama IFAK, range bag. When you need one or two, you need it at hand NOW!