A good reminder


I never gave it much thought but this aligns with
everything else dot gov does
“Carrot and Stick!”
You can be a stoner, (Great, less resistant to our evil plan muahahahahahahh!)
But then you can’t be ARMED! BIGGER Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
The people I feel for are the Vet’s who may use it for TRUE Medicinal purposes
(PTSD, Pain, Anxiety…I am BLESSED to have the Trifecta!)
But I can’t wrap my tiny brain around being high. Just can’t do it.
If I am not mentally clear I could get dead. Um, No thank you.
So, once again the CHOICE is what is your QUEST? (The Holy Gr…oh never mind)
Is being alive, clear headed and present something you strive for?
Or being a bit buzzed and getting in your Car, operating anything mechanical
maybe being a Controlled Sheep what you live for?
HMMMMM, Let see?