A chance encounter with Buck Williams of Williams, AZ

On my way to Sedona, I stopped in Williams for gas and lunch. Across the street where I had lunch, I took a picture of the VFW building. My wife noticed it and suggested we show a little support by buying from one of the shops.
It led to a pleasant surprise encounter with a very interesting and accomplished individual. I wanted to write something but the article below best describes my brief encounter with Buck Williams.

The only thing that’s missing was how Mr. Williams introduced himself in detail, I wish I had it recorded. A Marine. Ohio deputy sheriff. LAPD officer. US Marshall. Gunsmith. Gun draw and bullwhip Guinness world record holder. Among other things.

I apologize in advance if someone had shared this already before. I don’t know the author but this is spot-on.

I think people like me accidentally discover him only as they pass through the town of Williams on their way to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, or some other more well known places in Arizona.

If you’re in the area, please visit his store, have a little chat with him, buy a shirt or two, and grab a cup of coffee from the VFW which is located in the same building where Mr. Williams’ shop is located.
I wish I could have a fireside chat with him.


I live 12 miles East of Williams and haven’t bumped into him yet. Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to look him up!

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That’s great!

If my wife and I weren’t pressed for time, we would have stayed a little longer to listen to his stories, maybe learn a trick or two on drawing a handgun and use of the bullwhip. Also, get coffee from the VFW.
Hope he stays healthy (I met him outside the building with a cigarette :wink: ) and I get another chance to meet him.

Some of those old timers are just to tough to die no matter what they do to themselves;)

The stories and knowledge of the old timers is one thing I think American society doesn’t honor very well. Too many stories and too much knowledge of the land doesn’t get passed on with our constant diaspora and push to move forward.

I worked out on the Navajo Nation for several years and a lot of the old timers were sad that their kids and grandkids wouldn’t listen to the stories and very happy that I was I interested in hearing them.