A block from my condo

And people wonder why I choose to be armed and walk R to and from work everyday. These guys are every where down here and the Democrat Mayors administration is doing nothing to help us.


Well hopefully you being armed is doing something about it. Not that I want you to be confronted by a crazy but maybe more people will follow your lead and make the streets safe again.


Glad to see the court system is working as well as ever ( sarcasm)
Guy sounds nuts and drugged…but hey, stabbing a guy, violating probation, drugs,nothing to see here…This is where judges should be liable.
Woman needs a different breed of dog.


This right here will turn it all around. Excellent point.


Gatluak Gatluak aint got no game. But maybe in his country, that is how women are picked up.

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  1. GatluakGatluak is a combination of two words. In Nuer (thok Nath) a male name always has the prefix Gat which means son or child. and Luak means any big house or Hall. Combined together it means the luak’s owner.example, luak kuoth which is church.

Submitted by gatluakwilson on March 6, 2020

The Nuer people are a Nilotic ethnic group concentrated in the Greater Upper Nile region of South Sudan . They also live in the Ethiopian region of Gambella. The Nuer speak the Nuer language, which belongs to the Nilotic language family. They are the second largest ethnic group in South Sudan.


Reminded me of how fortunate I am to have the right to bear arms. I cannot and would not ever own a big guard dog. Nice to have an option. Education, and safety first, of course.


A few observations. Women should always carry some form of self protection (cc, pepper spray, etc.) and be prepared to know how and when to use it. Lack of situational awareness by the woman, she should of never allowed the perp to get that close to her.

Yes, these folks are everywhere and walk among us and the democratic mayors are not helping the situation, and most importantly, folks should not know that you are “armed walking back and forth to work everyday”.

Being prepared is being smart, telling folks about your preparedness is just the opposite. JMO

Agreed, The only folks that know are R and members of this community. That I know of…