A bent frame?

I bought a tauras G2C in december because people said they were great. After 300 rounds one of the pins walked out. Shop put it back in 45 rounds later was creeping out. 5 months later Tauras gets back to me and says the gun had a bent frame and they are sending me a new one. Has anyone had any issues ever bending a frame?


So how prezactly is the MFG sending you a serialized frame?

Machining errors do occur on occasion when variables stack but I can’t recall ever hearing of a bent frame w/o a serious detonation. I’d be interested in seeing that pistol just for a curiosity stake.




They are sending it to the original shop i bought it from that sent it in and were i purchased it at and original owner warranty. The shop told me this info and said theybare sending me a entire new pistol


The only thing that happen was one pin would walk out. I saw it was shotting at the shop i bought it from new. There gunsmith put it back in and said if it happen again we will send it back. So it did 45 shots later and off it went. Through myself and my shop literally calling and emailing Tauras each about 6 to 7 times in a 5 month span they called my shop and said the frame was bent we are sending a brand new one out.

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Brother I’m glad they are sending you a new pistol and I’m also glad that gun did not cause an injury to you or a loved one.


Which pin was walking out?

Being a polymer molded frame, with integral rails and what not, entirely possible that there is an issue with the frame/rails not being in alignment correctly. Lots of reasons that could happen. It could also be that they don’t know why, and decided to get you a new gun, and the “bent frame” is the “cause”.

Good to hear that Taurus is taking care of you.


I do not like Taurus.


Michelle, I know a LOT of people who share your Taurus sentiment. I don’t. The dealer I purchased my G2C from is a self-proclaimed hater of inexpensive guns. He is also a gunsmith. But he likes the G2C. He personally shot over 1,000 rounds through his. I’ve only got 500 or so through my G2C, but as yet have not had a failure. Time may prove me wrong, but so far … so good.