9 Ways Gun Owners Can Go to Jail

This video is worth watching …

9 Ways Honest Gun Owners Accidentally Wind Up In Jail - YouTube


Clark Aposhian is a big name around here but he’s also been involved in some weird stuff, Like Driving a Deuce and a Half across his X-wife’s yard…

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Nothing in that last that “tuned in” gun owners should be unaware of, IMO.

No marijuana possession, no consuming alcohol while armed, be aware of school restrictions in your state if picking up/dropping off kids, don’t build an unregistered SBR (no stock with a barrel under 16", no vertical foregrips on pistols including AR pistols, etc), don’t travel across state lines with an SBR unless you’ve got your 5320.20 permission slip first, beware firearm possession if you get a red flat/protective order against you, don’t “deesclate” a situation by escalating it to lethal force by brandishing/displaying your firearm with lethal force is not justified…

…okay as I list that out, it’s a good list as a fair number of gun owners may not be aware of all those.


The title is, ” nine ways gun owners can go to jail.” I would proceed with caution. It could be a setup.:warning:

Setup? I don’t think so.

It’s a gun guy talking with a very pro-2A state of Utah org, outlining things to avoid so you don’t get caught up in an illegal activity without realizing. It’s…that’s illegal, don’t do that…maybe you didn’t know this is illegal, don’t do that…no trap/setup


Sounds like he should be worried about protective orders.

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