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Many folks have shared that their No. 1 reason for purchasing a firearm is for protection and/or home defense. But did you know that buying a gun could get you much more than you actually bargained for? In addition to getting a gun as an option for protecting yourself and your loved ones, you may also get one or more of the following. You have been warned!

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I agree with all of the above, other than the one latter aspect of “An Investment”. I will NEVER show a profit as I never sell a firearm. :slight_smile:


Agree. I actually bought a couple firearms as collectables so I could sell for income during retirement. Now I wonder if .gov is going to pull some boner that wont let me sell them and I will be out all that money. Thinking I should sell the weapons and invest in silver… Looking around, finding gold or silver right now is just like trying to find ammo.

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I get all my precious metals from apmex.com. I just got another shipment last week, no shortages.
$25.25 /oz free shipping. $2.99 above spot.

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I think you are looking at outdated pricing… Spot on silver has been over $25.00 an ounce for quite a while. Current spot 1-21-2021 4:15 PM PT is $26.12… data from APMEX.
If you are getting it for $15.25 +$2.99 currently, please send a link!!!

Yep, typo 25.25, fixed :slight_smile: