6.5 grendel

Just wished to dip into the well of knowledge, and see if anyone has any experience with the 6.5 grendel?
What I know(lol) is that it does have a solid b.c. and can reach out past the 5.56.
That’s about it. Any input/guidance I would be grateful for!


I have not taken the plunge into the 6.5 Grendel world yet, but If I can find an upper for the AR platform at a good price I might’
Here is what I know the B.C. is .510, very good, will fit in the AR platform and is a good long range cartridge. Best performance should be with the Hornady A-Max 124 grain. Velocity around 2312 to 2398 fps, slower than my 22-250 but carries a heavy bullet.
Should give good barrel life when ran on the low side of velocity and with the 124 grain bullet should make for a great varmit weapon.
Good Luck



The Grendel is a solid platform developed for the target world and is exceedingly efficient. That said it offers pretty doggone good terminal performance on light boned up to medium sized critters. Have a bud with one that I helped develop loads for and I was impressed with the consistency out of the gate out to 880 yards (his max range). IIRC it likes Varget, 748 and BLC-2. It’s another “short, fat steep shoulder” cartridge that is very efficient, proving what P.O. Ackley stated all those years ago.



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I just recently posted about the Grendel. I think it is an amazing round that offers much from the AR 15 platform. Hard hitting and accurate, with high BC bullets. I got into it so I could hunt deer with my AR. 5.56 is not a legal deer round in Virginia. The ballistics place it between the 5.56 and the .308 in performance, roughly.


Here is the 5.56 beside the 6.5 Grendel. Note that the length of the cartridge is the same. The bullet is much longer and, as such, has a much higher BC. This round stays supersonic well past 1000 yards.


I have zero experience with the Grendel, but I LOVE the 6.5 Creedmore.