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The housing market has been booming over the last few years. My husband and I were recently looking through a few online sites for homes for sale — mostly just for fun. As we were clicking from house to house, I stumbled across several articles sharing help and suggestions for those who are purchasing their first home … or their last! And it struck me as kind of funny that some of the recommendations could actually be quite useful in the search for the right holster. So, whether you’re house hunting or holster hunting, here are five helpful, transferable tips I picked up on!

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Great as article!
Really enjoyed the perspective that was presented, in a way that we (most) can relate to!

Just want to tell you I really found the article UNFAIR FIGHT interesting. It was my first issue of the magazine. Very informative!

You won’t believe what I’m about to write, but and yes… there is a but in this.
Several moons ago I worked for a nationally known Pizza company. We had a policy not to send drivers into certain areas that were “repeatedly” known for robbing drivers.
Years later I re-enlisted in the Army and received my duty station orders. Upon inprocessing the housing office I received a list of off post recommendations of rentals.
I didn’t go to first responders for where the good areas were or aren’t at that time. They’d respond you get calls everywhere.
I used my old hat trick #1- I went to at least (3) local pizza delivery shops all different companies and had them tell me where they absolutely try to avoid delivering to.
Hat trick # 2- While in lodging ( hotel) I spent the (2) highest volume nights Friday and Saturday to ride through the neighborhoods to feel out the environment.
By the time that Sunday morning came I had established a solid set of avoidance areas through collective intel and self reckoned recon.
When I bought my own home I did the same thing again. Been living in the same house for nearly 10 years now and have had no issues with the permanent home owners here. Some of the temporary renters that were causing havoc faced intense opposition from our collective home owners here that let them know that intolerant behaviors would be and are addressed with enforced rule of law.
Neighborhood remains peaceful and my family has lived without fear.
Try these tactics. Just assure the pizza companies that you will not expose them for letting you know.
Lastly , trying to look at search engines is a set up. They won’t give you the real information on areas because they want revenues to turn areas around. Reclamation areas.
Use the first 2 tactics and really rely on your own sense of awareness.