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I have several home defense layers. Many I do not want to mention because this site is open to the public.
I will share a PSE (read the article above) that I always use when leaving my home. All interior room doors are opened the width of my hand, all closet doors are opened the width of two fingers, pantry and laundry are one finger apart. I can take a quick peek and be fairly certain if anyone has been in my home. But… I would already know before that because of other methods I was taught. It may sound like a lot to do but it becomes a habit, a routine.

One more thing, LOTS of electronics with DC as prime power or back-up. Hey, I worked for an alphabet agency… I can’t stop buying electronic gadgets for some strange reason.

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I use threads or hair. No alphabet agency. :innocent: But being EOD I may have an idea or 3 on making my home unfun to traverse and that’s not even having to trap it. Just layout, and funnelling into areas that are not roomy at all and can be closed with minimal effort.


I have been leaving interior doors ajar and a strand of my hair (or a one inch piece of fishing line) on exterior doors for decades. Long before any good electronics.

I’m not above traps just not in the house. We had this guy on our paintball team, old ranger we called him Ghost. You could never get him out. So one day a friend and I set a sweep trap and ghillie suited up on both sides. Eventually Ghost comes down the trail and the trap sweeps him off his feet. Me and friend stand up and absolutely spray him with paint balls. He isn’t yelling out or raising his gun. So I shot til I was out as did my friend he was coated head to toe in paint. We call for a paint check. Not one splatter is bigger than a quarter. No freaking idea how. I know I painted him with an X. From shoulder to foot.

Well I was reloading during the paint check, and you have 30 seconds after before you can reengage. So I get the heck out of Dodge.

I find a good spot and set up another ambush spot. I set up. Well Ghost and Rhino come down to capture flag. I shoot Rhino in the head by accident and Ghost in the chest 3 times, all 3 bounced. Turns out Ghost had a custom fitted layer of eggshell foam underneath so the paintballs would just bounce.

@P365 Luckily most criminals are amateurs. And stupid. And lousy shots.