48 months


It looks to me like things may be starting to trend downward. With the economy rapidly souring sales are likely to keep trending down until the next bout of civil unrest or Biden’s next unconstitutional executive order.

Though it sounds like his next move is going to be universal background checks which likely won’t spark background checked sales at FFLs but will likely set up a spike in face to face sales ahead of whatever date he chooses to make his move towards universal gun registration/confiscation.


“economy rapidly souring” ?? Economy is doing great. Jobs are good, stock market is good.




I can’t tell if your response was sarcasm or not?

If you believe the fudged up government numbers than everything is hunky dory.

In reality the stock market and housing markets are massively inflated by debt induced bubbles. The price of stocks vs earnings is totally out of wack and most families can’t afford to buy a home. The few who can are taking on massive mortgages. By the end of this year the US will likely be paying $1trillion a year just on interest for the $32trillion and rapidly growing national debt that does not include the couple hundred trillion more in unfunded future liabilities. Inflation numbers are being covered up by shrinkflation and other slights of hand. Those great unemployment numbers only count the people collecting unemployment not the millions who have timed out and given up looking for work. And those unemployed numbers are based on rigged mathematic formulas not actual numbers. The numbers they make up every month usually get revised significantly upwards later in the year when no one is paying attention. Growing numbers of homeless. Tens of millions on government assistance for rent and food. Etc., etc……………

Our family is paying well over twice what we used to pay for food and three times what we used to pay for heating just 5 years ago. My pay has not increased at all during that time period. There is no way we could afford to own a home now if we hadn’t bought ours over a decade ago. Even rent at current rates would suck up most of our budget.

Yup everything is GREAT! I suspect that is what most Romans were thinking as their government was busy devaluing their currency and barbarians where approaching the gates.


Based on his past posts, he is being serious​:face_with_diagonal_mouth::roll_eyes:


You are paying more for everything because, during the Trump-Biden (Trump was no better than Biden in controlling spending) era, government printed money in the trillions. That’s what deficit spending is all about. Printing money to fund social programs and military adventurism. It simply devalues the currency (inflation).

That free government money also explains the upward bump in gun sales, in my opinion. What should I spend a $2000 COVID check on? Well, a gun, or some other luxury item.


Agree though think the money printing era started picking up speed in the Reagan years and then started taking off to the moon during the Bush 2 and Obama years.

The money printing of the 80s and 90s led to the near collapse of the whole show in 2007 and 2008. Instead of fixing the problem it was decided to just throw even more Monopoly money at it in order to push the problem down the road. The longer we wait to fix it the worse it is going to be when we are finally forced to face the music.


Individuals should be pondering what to do to protect themselves from this dystopian economic future – including fundamental questions like “where should I live?” “How will I provide basic necessities (food, electricity, fuel, water, etc) for myself and my family in a world where monopoly money circulates?”


Yeah those Bidenomics policies are sure working. It’s not like the U.S.A just had it’s credit worthiness downgraded for only the second time ever. Know what the second downgrade and the first downgrade have in common.

  1. Democratic Presidents
  2. Joe Biden.

1st downgrade was under the Obama/Biden administration.
2nd downgrade is under the Biden/Harris administration.

Both Democrat administrations with horrible spending policies.


Incorrect, the downgrade was caused primairly because of repeated debt limit standoffs by Republicans - when Democratic Presidents were in office. And also because of US govt instability surrounding Trump’s insurection. Educate yourself and get out of your fake news bubble.

Yes, he probably is serious, but I thought it was quite funny. :sunglasses:

See? He is being quite amusing, now, too. Trump’s insurrection… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Yeah, I remember he was driving a Sherman tank that day… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


…" Yup everything is GREAT! I suspect that is what most Romans were thinking as their government was busy devaluing their currency and barbarians where approaching the gates".

But now WE ARE THE BARBARIANS! Muawhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah!
" Americankski barbarianski!" Let’s show “DARK BRANDON” we will NOT submit!


You know that story is funny. It’s Biden spending. He has added 5 Trillion dollars :dollar: to the debt during his administration. The budget standoff in 2022 and 2023 was to force the Biden administration to spend LESS. Biden drove negotiations to the very time limits as he refused to make concessions until the very last moments. Republicans wanted even less spending but had to compromise just to get lessened spending at all.

Hey, that advice about getting out of your News bubble. That’s some good advice for you. I know the ORANGE MAN IS BAD is a knee jerk reaction for those with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) but this is a Democratic administration problem. It’s 3 years now. Can’t blame it on Trump, except they do.

Real time debt increase for this administration.


Devaluation of the currency by printing money to fund government is something that enjoys bipartisan support.


Bipartisan? You mean like the Biden administration being responsible for a 20% increase in the Nations debt in less than 3 years. $26 trillion increase in debt over 225 + years of presidents vs a 20% increase in less than 3 years. Especially with a Democratic super Majority. Who almost took the Nation into default because he wanted to increase the budget over the supposedly 1 time emergency Covid spending. That he wanted to increase for 2023. You mean that bipartisan spending?

You really need to get out of your comfortable insulated news bubble. See, finance professionals have to deal with real things, like the actual costs. Not political platitudes.

Even the partisan MSM acknowledged that Barack Obama, increased the national debt the most by any president, followed by current numbers Joe Biden who may take over 1st place in the year + he has left, and then Trump.

I’m not saying that Republicans don’t enjoy the pork, since they sure do. But Democrats have taken it to an art form.

That’s why I am a Constitutional Absolutist Libertarian.


I wonder how much has been spent on the flood of illegal immigrants alone? That whole debacle is a self-inflicted wound from this “administration” alone.


If you go by percent increase the Republicans don’t come out any better than the Democrats in recent decades. You have to go all the way back to WW 1 and WW2 to get higher percentage increases in our National debt. Though I agree that Biden is working his way up the list rapidly. The Republican “stand” against Biden’s increase only saved what 100 to 200 billion? That’s like pissing on a forest fire.

Trump’s percent increase was lower than Obama’s but he added almost as much in dollar amount in four years as Obama did in 8 years. 6.7 vs 8.6 trillion.

When in office the Republicans tend to increase spending and cut taxes. The Democrats like to increase taxes and spending at the same time. Both paths lead to inflation and bankruptcy. The trajectory of our National debt is looking like a space rocket launch. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are offering any solutions to this out of control problem. They are just kicking the can down the road while pinning their own pockets.


Very deceptive use of stats there. Using percentages as a guide skews the perception. 50% off a $1trillion is an increase of $500 Billion. An increase of 20% of $26 Trillion is $5 Trillion.

As far as the conversation about the economy, Obama and Biden presided over the 2 downgrades of the United States Credit Worthiness.

In 2021 Congress voted for a 1 time increase in COVID emergency spending for the 2022 budget. The very next year the Biden administration wanted to increase the budget using the allegedly once in a lifetime spending from fiscal year 2022 as the base starting point. Biden then refused to negotiate on any decreases to his proposed budget until the United States was days away from a catastrophic default that was purely Democratic theatre.

So don’t try to argue the Biden economy unless you are going to include other economic indicators.


I’m not arguing anything positive on the Biden economy. But I am arguing that both the Republicans and the Democrats are leading us to bankruptcy.

I also don’t think that looking at percentage increases are a deceptive use of stats. A trillion dollars now is worth a lot less than a trillion dollars back in the 80s even if you use the government’s fudged and artificially low inflation numbers. So just going with the raw dollar amounts doesn’t give a clear picture either. That is why I referred to both percent and dollar amount.