30 day resident law out the window

I attest that I’ve live in the 5th tent on Elm street for the last 30+ days…WTF!


I’m going to be honest. I am starting to lose hope. I see what is happening, and when you can’t trust or believe in the election process. What do you have left? The law? That’s a joke now. I watch this Administrations Administrative defy proper oversight from the Legislative branch and defy the Judiciary with actions it is forbidden to take by the Judiciary.

What happened to the Co-Equal branches of the .Gov Yet no one can tell me it’s all Biden. Without Merrick Garland’s complicity, none of this hangs together. The DOJ is the enforcement arm that is supposed to be blind and enforce the Law equally. The DOJ was given a legally binding Congressional order for Contempt of Congress by Merrick Garland for refusing to hand over the Hur decision and questioning of Biden. The DOJ then told them f#ck off, not those exact words but they refused to prosecute.

My question is what damage do they think a garbled disjointed Puddin is going to do? We can all just Google Puddin and see far more egregious gabble from our POTUS now. The problem isn’t the audio it’s that this Administration has gone completely off the reservation. How is Any D*mned Body supposed to believe in the rule of law in our Country anymore? To believe in our Justice System?

This shite is bad, no, I mean destroy the Country bad and to many people are just fine with it.

I can not believe this is happening in America.

Fudge me running, I have never been this depressed about my Countries future.


You’ve been paying attention. I wish more people were.


Did you see where the Surgeon General wants to a warning label on social media usage. Maybe we won’t have as many zombies walking around with their heads stuck in a phone.

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