3 Tips for Getting Started in Concealed Carry | USCCA

Getting started in the world of firearms can be a little like riding on a roller coaster. It’s a bit overwhelming, and it may even make you feel a bit lightheaded and queasy. There are also some surprises, some excitement and a variety of ups and downs. In fact, getting involved in the world of concealed carry may be like getting strapped in for a fun ride, not knowing you’re about to experience 3Gs.

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It would certainly be nice to have your own personal Yoda, guiding your steps, introducing you to important concepts and teaching you in all the ways of CCW.

What would your personal Yoda have told you when you started your CCW journey?


He would have said, "don’t waste your money on that little 32acp Tomcat, pea shooter,kept in your pocket.

Get a 9 and wear it owb, and then I will train you on the way of the force".


train,train and train some more, David trained and took down a giant with a rock and a sling.So get off the internet and start training or your giant might take you down.

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