3 Consequences of Using THC

Firearms, security clearances, military service. The author didn’t address professional licensure, but take commercial driver’s and pilots’ licenses for example. Same for any license issued by the US Coast Guard (merchant mariners, fishing guides, etc.). For those who don’t know, a lot of STEM jobs require federal gov’t security clearances nowadays. Make someone mad? Have a dispute with a neighbor or an ex? Any foreign agent who finds out you have consumed THC…regardless of state law…holds your career in their hands and can probably send you to jail for lying about it.


This may be the right place for this: Ask Attorney about Cannabis & Firearms their is not clash between drugs & Fireman’s the ATF has already got Laws on the book. Just read the news letter from the ATF. I upload it.federal_firearms_licensee_ffl_newsletter_-_june_2021_0.pdf (942.4 KB)