3 Basic but Important Concepts of Self Defense

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I also have an AK in 9mm.


Assuming it is reliable with good self defense ammo this could be a very viable option for someone who is recoil and noise sensitive. Especially if you can get a red dot on it to make aiming easier.

For a very short while my self defense rifle was a Ruger 10/22 with 25 round mags loaded with CCI Velocitors. Wouldn’t be my first choice but it is easy to shoot and fun to practice with and mine was reliable with that ammo. My wife does not like noise and recoil but when I can drag her out to the range she ends up having fun shooting the 10/22. Practicing with the .22 can be a good pathway to becoming comfortable with the 9mm rifle or eventually a .223/5.56.

I would not recommend a shotgun, even a reliable semi auto, for someone who is recoil and noise sensitive. There are much easier/better options out there.


Makes perfect sense. I do have a rifle in 22LR. It is a blast to shoot as well, just like you said. I know everytime I go to the range with my 4 boys everyone wants to shoot it. It is easy to load, and just a blast to shoot. Plus, it is always on target!!!


This is what I have for one of my 22LR carbines. 25+1 with no recoil, super fun to shoot and something she will want to take in the truck for a truck gun as well!!! Plus, it is always on target and very reliable!!!

I think I hit the nail on the head with this as her home defense option as well as truck gun. ( I have two of them ) one is a GSG16 and the other is a MP5 HK.


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Not true TASER’s are neuromuscular disruptive devices, while they are painful pain is not how they work, how they actually work if deployed property they work by interrupting the brains ability to communicate with the body muscles causing the person shot with one to just seemly freeze and drop.

Now while TASER’s have killed people, most of the time they do not because the heart can actually regulate it’s muscles even if communications with the brain is disrupted, as such as long as the heart is receiving oxygen it can override the electrical impulses of a TASER.

Now don’t confuse a TASER with a stun gun, stun guns work by inducing pain which mental case’s and druggies can ride through and remain very dangerous if not more dangerous as after being stunned they become even more aggravated.


Unless it was pulled away from you and shoved where the sun doesn’t shine.

Personally for self defense I prefer something that gives me some maneuvering room and can be used while seated in a vehicle.

As for any type of spray using anything other than a gel can get you in a world of hurt, I know of way too many officer deployments of pepper spray where they failed to take into account the direction of the wind resulting in the officer getting most of they spray back in his face.

With gel that is a lot less likely to happen.

And like firearms irritants must be practiced with which is why all the real companies offer inert versions to practice with.


His statement is true. There are numerous videos showing that to be true. One where the guy got hit numerous times and kept on walking down the street.

Or worse:

Taser effectiveness

Axon CEO Rick Smith claimed in 2015 that Tasers were “80 to 95 percent effective in the field.” Data from some of the biggest departments in the country show a much lower range than that. It’s important to note that every police department has its own way of tracking and defining effectiveness, and for this reason, their data isn’t directly comparable. Also, the time period of the data varies among departments.

Atlanta 67.8%
Charlotte-Mecklenburg 69.7%
Columbus 77.3%
Dallas 68.0%
Denver 73.6%
El Paso 79.5%
Ft. Worth 62.4%
Houston 73.7%
Indianapolis 54.7%
Los Angeles 57.1%
New York 77.4%
Seattle 60.6%

Pay attention in all of those case’s where a TASER was deployed properly it worked and a TASER like stun gun you linked to is BS.

The officer was tased with a real TASER. The stats are real, too. The stats prove your claim false. Show me your stats. There are many other videos and stories showing they are not 100% effective.

Had you paid attention to the video it was not deployed properly.

One dart barely made it through the pants.

Get a clue before spouting off anymore BS.

And then it was redone and he still wasn’t stopped. There are numerous examples on the Internet, those items I posted were just from a quick search. The real-life stats prove they are not guaranteed to stop. Read the linked stories, too. There are people with higher natural tolerance, and those that are on drugs, that are not stopped.