3 Basic but Important Concepts of Self Defense

They arressted the bastards here in Arizona for leaving NY…of course no bail makes no sense especially when you know they are a huge flight risk.


Im with your idea…that in my opinion might make some of the shiaaaate crossing the border think twice if the citizens were cleaning house themselves.

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Exactly Brother n BOTH counts !

This NO BAIL, NO Penalty, NO risk of Imprisonment! NO FEAR!
What do they have to lose? NOTHING!
I’ve spoken ad nauseam about WHY ‘THEY’ are doing this to America
They want CHAOS (basically) TERROR, people immobilized by FEAR (and it’s working!)

Where oh Where is the spirit of the ‘PATRIOTS?’
What will it take for action?
Maybe clogging up the Rio Grande w/ bodies would do the trick!
Draped over the razor wire! Rotting in the Sun!
In Mogadishu when they mounted those Pakistani Peace keepers heads on stakes outside their own Fortress THAT SENT A MESSAGE ! (you don’t forget sh** like that!, You wouldn’t be so snarky and give camera’s the fingers, if that was your Criminal friends heads!)
If you have to climb over the bodies to get here maybe they would pause and say Hmmmmmm
this ain’t so easy Bruh!

I’m not Violent, I’m Realistic! There’s a difference WE NEED TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!



Amen to that. It sucks hearing my wife say she is afraid and she works from home. She said the other day that there were 4 home invasions during dinner time.

I mentioned never open The door without checking out the ring camera and the other cameras around the house. Make sure someone isnt around the corner and ready to run at the door when it is opened. She know carries around with her, her 9mm and a Mossberg shotgun loaded with 9+1 #4 00 buckshot. I would like to get the minishells so she can have 13+1…,I have 500 rounds of heading my way.

Its amazing how the dumorats like chaos and anachy.

We also know if Trump gets re-elected that the Shaaaite is going to hit the fan. Hopefully all the actors that said they would leave if he gets elected again actually leave. Get the Phuck out…same with that Britty Griener…biaaaoooootch and anyone else like her.


I just HAVE to say it (again)
Sorry for being repetitive
WE ALL KNOW it ain’t the Demoncrats pulling the strings anymore right?
We KNOW who’s doing the pulling that makes these TRAITOR’S Dance right?
It isn’t Pudding, not the Nigerian Monkey, nor is it the squad or the Actor’s, nor is it the Media :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:
The TRUE EVIL is the ‘Elite’s’, the one’s doing the damage are the Billionaires who bought and paid for all this Carnage and Destruction! The DEI, pitting us against each other, The Invasion, the class warfare,
the LAWFARE against OUR TRUE President Donald Trump!
And the Head sicko is KLAUS Schwab WEF/NWO !
their goal is to wipe out LE RESISTANCE! (US FOLKS!)
Disarmament is their goal and then we become SHEEP! and they will WIN!

I say all this for the newbie’s WELCOME ALL but get ready for the FIGHT!
But I was taught by a Very smart General to KNOW your enemy
and NEVER underestimate that Bastard too!
This guy is NAZI 101
It’s the same PLAYBOOK!
He wants to get it right this time where Hitler failed!
Enough ‘SS’ got away (or were spirited away by the USA in WW2 with Jewish GOLD)
and they are doing it now towards our destruction! once again.
This is why the Death of Israel, Russia and US is so important !
This isn’t a Conspiracy Theory
The WEF/NWO want it all now.
This is the FINAL BATTLE of Good vs. EVIL!
They say 'GOD is DEAD! (he is not going to help you because he is dead!)

(sorry had to run out of the house my neighbor’s Tesla went up in flames in his drive
and his plastic car melted into the street , what a mess–and he WAS selling his house)
BE CAREFUL FOLKS! the fire went up his home charging station line and Cooked the Electrical box and
side of his house also!. I hope you people don’t have Tesla stock…It’s all part of their PLAN!
He paid $60,000 ! for a melted Toaster! This is all part of their plan.

stay frosty!

When Pud’n pants gave a speak, I think yesterday, my mom told me dr Jill told him “this is the way we need to go”. The idiot is so lost he can’t find his way off the stage and 48% of the US people think he should be president again, WTF! God this nation is doomed.

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Yeah, Ive heard some interesting you tube videos from ex military guys on an electrical bomb… shorting out our entire electrical main frame across the US.

I think and have felt for years that Gates, Bezos and others have and control our entire system/s…food, farms, big business and so on. Seems ive been right…

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Do you have any AR15-style firearms? How much training does she having running that Mossberg?

An EMP. (Electro magnetic pulse)
Shorts out the Grid (Temporarily, some say without doing real damage to the system…)
I have zero idea if that’s true but on base (Kirtland AFB, New Mexico)
We have Bombing Ranges and the F16’s 'the taco’s…yeah I know , I heard all the Jokes!
…'Are they Red or Green fighter’s (the great Chili controversy)… well these Zoomie’s once
misdirected a bomb (I love their terminology) and it knocked out the power to the ‘International’
Airport out here (Both runway’s :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:)
I don’t know how we existed this long


After the other fundamentals are wired into my brain, this one is nailed front and center, even when using my SIRT at home (or the one I use part-time in my training (I do holster draws for dry-fire practice with a SIRT after I do live fire at my training sessions).

I do the same at home with my SIRT. I consider it loaded (it comes with three ‘magazines’) and make sure the wall I use in my room is not going to put a ‘round’ in anything non-solid (concrete, etc). That may seem over-the-top, but I believe it’s a good habit, in particular for newbies like myself. In my mind, the SIRT is ‘always loaded’, so I treat it as such.


Yes, I have an AR15 in 5.56/223, as well as 22wmr/mag, and 300 blackout.

In her being familiar with the shotgun she isnt. I have knocked my head sideways trying to show her. Here grab it, this is how you load it, this is how you unload it, this is with the safety on, this is with the safety off…if its red, their dead, meaning okay pull the trigger its ready to shoot. Ive also tried to get her to go shootting the shotguns with me multiple times. She has only done it once. She is more familiar and feels safe with her handguns…and I keep saying to get your mind and where you feel safe, reputition will build mind memory and you will fill more familiar.

Once the rain stops here and the ground dried out a bit I will make sure she goes out and practices.


I always like any self defense advice that emphasizes trying to maintain distance. Distance is time.


3 basic rules when shooting.
Know your firearm
Know what you’re shooting at
Know what is behind what you’re shooting

Not going to give you a hard what so ever. You’re being as safe as you can be and doing what is right for you…. Carry on brother. For me, I like to use my EDC to practice drawing. It gets me to know my firearm better, I know what I’m aiming at and I know what is behind it.

I also take into consideration who is around me. I shoot when most ppl are at work, I inform anybody at home not shooting with me what I’m doing and where and I can burn through 200 rounds in 20 minutes. I can practice what I can’t at an indoor range, drawing, shoot and move, different shooting techniques. That’s a good day shooting I think.


I envy you guys (and some here who know me that doesn’t happen very often–envy that is)
Who can shoot ‘Privately’ at your house, near your house etc.
My ‘Mesa’ desert ‘use’ to be accessible just a few years back, now gunfire brings the man.
There are so many communities and film locations it’s impossible to be out in nature and cap
off a couple of rounds. My best hope as I’ve said is my only resource now. It’s a shame.
I’ve been waiting for these jobs I applied for and my patience is at an end. Today I gave up.
Went to the range, and tomorrow I’ll go again. (It can’t hurt right?)
I’m getting back to wear I was in ‘93
I’m not interested in these jobs for a while. I’m chillin’ out
I have a Savings, I’m going to tap it.
If the SHFT I’m ready
I gave the UPS driver a hernia w/ the 5,250 rds, and bunch o mags! (I grinned)
All day I spaced loading those mags, It’s such a kick!Load a little , get on here
“Click, Clack, click clack!” God loves me!
You know something tho? I think it’s an addiction… Really?
I STILL don’t have enough guns! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:I don’t know anybody who really said this! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Why did I work (40+) years if I can’t spend it?
Ya can’t take it with you when you go! Max, Bill, John William You rock!
Stay Frosty Brothers
Mi dos pesos
adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


Yeah, I got a new neighbor. I told him and his wife when they moved that I have a range and that I shoot on it. You would have thought I grew horns and chased after goats caught in the fence by the look they gave me. We’ve gotten to know each other better now. All I do now is chase the goats.


I was once told that the best fight you can get into is the one you never have. It is not cowardly to walk away from a fight, just smart. Everyone can be an ass kicking “bad ass”. But there is always someone who can beat you no matter how bad ass you are or how big your gun is. Your responsibility is to de-escalate. We have responsibility to our families and, unless you are protecting them or yourself from a life threatening situation with no way to avoid it, we can’t do that if we are in a hospital or a grave. I am not saying that you can’t defend yourself, I am asking do you have to? God be with you, live in peace and safety.


My personal recommendation is not to have someone rely on any firearm, least of all a pump shotgun, if they are not trained up on it. Especially smaller/older/females. Those guns can be more than a handful and user induced malfunctions under stress are common.

I would in that situation lean into the handgun and just set the shotgun aside (from her perspective).



As ASP says, awareness buys you time, time buys you options.

One thing awareness can buy is distance as a way to get that time, and time is options. Distance also limits the types of weapons that can be effectively used against you. Distance also, in the event both/all have firearms, puts more emphasis on skill (such as training to have used the sights…)…Proximity [to an extent] negates skill

It all starts with awareness. It might oftentimes end with awareness


Makes perfect sense. What is good is she is very familiar with her 380 and 9mm handguns.


Most of which presented is bad advice