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According to its website, 221B Tactical is a new company with a mission to provide innovative, top-of-the-line tactical gear of all types to law enforcement personnel, military, firefighters and civilians at an affordable price. 221B’s recently introduced Tradecraft EDC CCW Jacket with optional IIIA body armor panels is one of the most innovative tactical products I have ever evaluated. The company designed the tactical jacket to provide the wearer with lightweight ballistic armor support that can be worn daily.

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So this jacket alone without the plates will stop the mentioned bullet from penetrating skin? It will hurt like hell but the bullet won’t go through you?

I’ve been looking into inside the jacket/shirt plate carriers as MidWayUSA has been sending me a bunch of sales on this stuff. I also tried to objectively consider the pros and cons of wearing BA. I don’t see the need for it really, but then again you may not see the need to carry a firearm. When will you need it (BA, or Firearm)? If you knew, you’d only wear it or your EDC at that moment.

With this said, when would the be the highest probability that you’d may need it,
-on a road trip when you stop for gas or dinner, you don’t know if you’re in a good part of town or not.
-church, mosque or temple
-movie theater

The next thought, I’m in Texas, it will be in the 80’s and 90’s all week, am I really going to wear a nice toasty jacket? I have to admit, if I were going to buy some BA it probably would be this Jacket. This was a great informative review.

Lastly, the daily need for BA would be during an End of the World Scenario (EWS). I don’t see this happening, but , I guess you could always buy this jacket/plates and just hang it in the closet, for , someday.

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