2020 Dem candidate opposes mandatory gun buybacks — not because of the 2nd

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It was just too much for me to hope that he accidently had an epiphany that citizens needed their guns to defend themselves against “the police” (citing racism and police brutality) which are agents of “the state” (you know, transitive properties and such) which is ultimately whom our founding fathers wanted us to be able to defend ourselves against. Soooo close…….



Strike two, first doxing now this

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Well, he’s not wrong about one thing… sending police to take the guns from people who refused to comply with a “mandatory buyback” confiscation scheme is likely to get some violent reactions, and people will likely die - some of the civilian and some police - and that’s not going to be good for anyone.

but this phrase confuses me a lot: “Because police violence is also gun violence, and we need to address that.”

um… what? does he want us to buy back the police guns too? or does he think that any time a police officer uses force, it’s violence? or any time the police use violence, it’s with a gun?

D’OH! :woman_facepalming: WHY are we not teaching people to THINK anymore?


Thinking is hard. Feelings are easy.