2019 Wisconsin's 9 day gun hunt has ended

2019 Wisconsin’s 9 day gun hunt has ended in 71 counties with nearly 600k participant. There were 4 accidental shootings. There were 3 incidents of hunter accidently discharging weapon causing harm to self and one hunter in a group shot in the hand.

The one county that outlaws gun hunting in Wisconsin; Milwaukee. During the 9 day hunt, 25 people shot and 7 murders with a gun.

Clearly it’s a gun problem. Let this sink in, read it again.


(4/600,000) x 100 = .00066% incident rate…

And that’s assuming the 600k only hunted one day which seems very unlikely with only a 9 day gun season…so assume each of those hunters hunted at least 2 days…that would take it down to a .00033% incident rate…assume hunting at least three days (which seems more likely) that takes it down to a .00022% incident rate…

But yes, guns are absolutely the problem as the numbers clearly show ban them all :roll_eyes:


@JamesR When I lived in Northern Wisconsin I would head to Florida during deer hunting season. That brought me down to slightly less than a 0.0000% chance.


So let’s work through the other side of the problem…
32 injuries/deaths in a county population of 952,000…
(32 / 952000) *100 = 0.0033%

So basically if you were just randomly in Milwaukee you were 10 times more likely to be shot or killed than if you were in the woods 100% surrounded by people who were armed and actively shooting. Hmm… :face_with_monocle:


@Zee…there’s our engineer!!! :slight_smile:

Exactly Zee…exactly.


WOW! Great post, @RocketPak and great math @JamesR - really brings it into focus. I’m going to share this on my person Facebook feed.