2000 Mules - Watch and learn


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The science is there. This happened folks, no matter how much they deny it or say it is debunked. We’ve been had.


That’s not the only problem, fool me once shame on you, fool us twice…
I’m not saying we were fooled, we all saw it coming, it’s that they’re doing it again, this time they’re using dead babies,
How much lower can a liberal get?

I remember as a kid and young adult, I would try almost anything to get my way. This is worse. I bought the video, no matter the cost, for historical purposes! Not so much for the proof but as a warning for the great grandkids! They need to know evil walks among them.
I’m not that religious, but this was the devil caught red handed.

The big question remains, how do you defeat the devil, if you don’t fight fire with fire?

It’s no longer a democrat vs. republican problem. I know lots of democrats who are good people. It’s the people in power, making sure they STAY in power. Between the rich elites controlling big tech, the elites controlling the media, and the politicians in power (most of them, including a majority of republicans) it has become a battle of good vs. EVIL, and the people who have been brought up in liberal indoctrination camps (schools, colleges and universities) are supporting their causes.

Now you know why I have chosen my profile picture. :cry:


A plethora of evidence and no one in politics cares because they don’t know what to do about it and aren’t willing to spend political capital – no politician is willing to die on that hill. Hot potato.

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Not to mention, true be told, many benefit from it.