20 vs 12 gauge


That is what I have. Dad’s old Ithaca model 37 featherlight full choke 36" barrel.


Most members at a club will be more than willing to let you try their shotgun, check them all out and ask a lot of questions. I like my over and under 20 gauge on some days when shooting trap, but skeet and 5 stand I want my Ithaca #37, we all like what we like, and sometimes there’s no really good reason for it, it’s just a personal preference. Good luck bud, hope you get what your looking for.


I’ve collected them over the years, I now have 4 or 5 of them from all different era’s in time. My dad had one as well, that’s where I learned about this very versatile shotgun that’s was used in law enforcement, also used in a few wars as well. Great piece of history.


Thank You very much @Steve-G. I think I am going to have to find or buy a Shotgun Encyclopedia as so many new terms have arisen. :rofl: For example: Choke. Have no idea what that means or if I need to perform the Heimlich Maneuver for that condition. :wink:

Do you know of a good online source for Shotgun Information for newbies?


PS - I found two simplistic websites that answered some of those questions. I guess I will continue this discussion at our Gun Club’s store with the owner.

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Me and my two boys have been teaching for a number of years to my grandkids (Male & Female) starting with 4/10 or the 20 ga. Eventually they graduate into the 12 ga. and then still go back to the 20 ga. for deer hunting or just crow hunting. We all love are guns whether it be shotguns or rifles and practice safety every time we are out plinking or hunting! Be Safe out there no matter what you are doing! We also love to Bowhunt, which I’ve been at it since about 1960. Lots of Fun!