20 in. double side by side barrels 20GA,exterior hammers, 2 triggers side by side..

about 30 years ago I had one of these, 20 in. double barrel side by side 20 Ga. loved it. i been trying to find one again, i realize it was 30 years ago ha, doesn’t seem that long ago. haha but. Any ways cant seem to find any info on it AT ALL. i don’t remember what the brand was, don’t think i knew when i had it. but it was bad ass. cant find anything with side by side triggers, someone said it might of been a custom made, or someone did. not sure. when i got it i was told it came from a store right in my town like this. the store been gone for years now. If anyone has any ideas, i would like to hear. everything i looked at online, seems to be in the coach gun family. but the 100s i looked at online. nothing is like this one i had… help, thank you. Carry, Be Safe, God Bless

I don’t recall ever seeing one with side by side triggers, just fore and aft like this one on gunbroker.com. How do you even operate side by side triggers?


Well shooting it. You just pulled ttrigger then pulled the other trigger.you couldn’t do both at the same time …ha I tried many times.and yeah they where side by side.

Sounds kinda awkward having both triggers side by side, but I guess like anything else, practice makes perfect.

thanks man, i checked out that web site. niice, they have alot of good firearms… thank you…