2 officers down RIP


Did y’all see the cop that had fentanyl blown into her face? The story showed her fellow officers giving her narcan? She went from zombie back to herself on cam. Later at the hospital she was given a third dose and sent home.

Ppl with no respect like that needs to be put down.


God please bless and protect them.


We all need to be concerned. It’s time to push for Narcan to be available over the counter as an addition to my IFAK!
The invasion will be in full force next week! I expect this to start happening to the average citizen! Road rage incidents, home invasions you name it!


I have not posted this before but we had our second Officer involved shooting this year.
The first was a domestic call and when the Officers arrived the husband pointed a weapon at the Officers and was killed.
The second was a month ago, another domestic with a man in the basement holding another hostage with a shotgun, he pointed the shotgun at the Officers and was shot.
No Officers were harmed. I have a lot of respect for our Sheriffs Deputys and Police Officers.

A little better outcome for this Officer. :thinking:

Shootout leaves Wisconsin woman dead, officer hit in vest (msn.com)


Actually, she got hit with Narcan 3 times on site, and once in the hospital. I’m not sure how much Fentanyl she got hit with, but it had to be a massive amount. I’ve never seen someone with enough narcotics on board survive, to where they needed more than 2 shots of Narcan, let alone 4. I think it may have been because it was delivered differently than a shot.