2 children robbed at gunpoint for their puppy, police say



  1. Sad.
  2. Sad.
  3. Sad that the citizens of Wisconsin voted for lawlessness.

How is it they voted for lawlessness? They were fooled. Same result though.

I read the article. Police give very detailed description of the stolen puppy… no so much on the perps. The police department is a joke.

The first thing that comes to my mind is, Why pull a gun on children? Two adult males could easily have walked up, grabbed the dog and left. The fact that they used a gun to rob children puts them high on the dangerous violent list.


I want to know why anyone would steal a dog? They are so many dogs waiting to be rescued at the pound, why would anyone in their right mind take one from a child?


They are having fun

What a silly comment! :roll_eyes:

When you vote for people that run on ‘defund the police’ you vote for lawlessness.

The media are a joke these days. Journalism is gasping its last breaths.

People like that enjoy scaring people there would be no other reason to pull a gun on two little kids.


How so? They supported Tony Evers (and Mandela Barnes) both support defund the police policies (matter of public record).