1911 myths that need debunking

A very excellent read, I need to get another copy!


I like my Glock 17 Gen4 9x19,
But my Colt M1991A1 Series 80 5” 45ACP will always be my favorite hand gun, have had it for over 25 years and it is dependable and accurate with only a new spring , trijicon sights, and few new mags as they have worn .
Have owned 3 other Colt 1911’s from early 70’s till I bought the Series 80, wouldn’t sell or trade it for anything.


Good post, I want a 1911 some day, but I just feel I get more bang for my buck with a plastic gun. I think the plastic guns are easier to carry too. That being said, I’m a millennial, so I have lots of issues :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


There is a solution for “plastic gun” lovers - Rock River Arms PS6000 POLY-1911 pistol . :wink:



I’d like to shoot one of those ^^ , just curious.

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That looks like a cool gun! I plan on getting a real 1911 sometime in the future. I just can’t justify the purchase right now.

I saw a RIA for less than $500 about a week ago, but I’m skeptical, especially after our discussion in the other post about the guy who dropped it.


Don’t be. RIA 1911 are decent pistols.
How many times have you dropped any of your firearms?
The other thing is that you can always replace firing pin for a lighter one and fix this problem.


It won’t blow people off their feet. It just disintegrates them. :grin:


@Scoutbob “Good post, I want a 1911 some day, but I just feel I get more bang for my buck with a plastic gun. I think the plastic guns are easier to carry too. That being said, I’m a millennial, so I have lots of issues :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.”

@Scoutbob, oh my goodness I’m having a shiver run up my spin. I see legions of storm troopers in plastic armour coming after me. Give me an all steel pistol it is a sophisticated less barbaric weapon. LOL :grinning::sweat_smile::joy: :smirk: May the Force be with you!


You can find ANYTHING in the Internet to illustrate ANY point you want to make. That post seemed legit but it could as easily be some ND that someone decided to blame on a gun and completely fabricated. As in:

Wife: How the hell did we end up with this hole on the floor?
Husband: I dropped my 1911! I swear!!! I’ll post it on the internet to prove it to you!

I seem to recall a long time ago there were some actual tests done by the military to show 1911s do not go off when dropped and IIRC in order to replicate what that post suggest happened they had to drop it from a couple of stories high and rig it so it would land straight on the muzzle. So buy that RIA without a care in the world.


We’ll let you slide since you are a lawfully armed millennial… :grin:

But yes, generally speaking plastic guns are easier to carry. As I’ve said I’ve become quite fond of my 43X as an EDC. But when you hold a 1911 in your hand, by God it just fits right…


I’ve always liked the 1911’s (both old and new). I’ve fired my fair share of old hunk of junk to competition shooter pistols and I have no major issue with them. They’re heavy…heavier than a polymer pistol, but they tend to be configurable to whatever type of shooting you want to do.

That said, I’ve seen my fair share of “old-timers” having a hard time holding up the hunk of metal at the range or controlling the recoil and frankly I feel like they’d be a perfect candidate for a lighter pistol in a 9mm rather than .45. Sadly though, they all think (incorrectly) that the 1911 is the “best” gun for them. Again back to the whole misconception and misinformation point you were making in a different way.


I think a lot of us get caught up in our familiarity with the 1911. Or maybe it’s nostalgia. Neither are necessarily bad things, but I agree that we shouldn’t get stuck on one model if there’s something that’s better suited to us.


Good point, the 1911 is not the end all as far as handguns are concerned, there are scores of great fighting handguns out there and that’s one reason I hate to see folks take “sides” and put down one platform to boost another. Now that being said, there are 1911s out to fit every need and some are pretty much as light as many of the other Polymer guns they compete against.

My Kimber UltraCarry is only 25oz and that’s my wife’s carry handgun of choice. The design of the 1911 and the low pressure (by today standards) that the .45acp operates at really do not make for a punishing recoil especially with the faster 180gr HPs I favor for the 3” guns, even in +P. I have yet to find anyone that finds it truly objectionable and (not being sexist, just observations of personal experience) a surprising number of females really take to it, both platform and chambering, specially when they don’t have a guy in their lives telling them it’s too much gun.

And for those that want ultra manageable recoil on a FAST platform there is always the option of getting a 1911 chambered in 9mm!


The 1911 has been around in the US military for decades, and is a proven firearm, this weapon is designed to be carried in the locked and cocked position, and yes there are a lot of people who say it is dangerous to carry it that way, that’s because people don’t know the weapons platform , I had the 1911 in the Army and enjoyed carrying it, and had no problems on the range, so what if it is heavy, if you can’t handle the weight and the recoil then you don’t need to have this firearm, get a firearm that you are comfortable with and can handle, I have a colt government model 45ACP, and I carry a Kimber ultra crimson carry II with a 3 inch barrel chambered in 45ACP and shoot 230 grain rounds from both.


At the end of the day I just love the super fast action of a 1911. When I feel the need for speed it’s one of the 1911s that comes out to play :grin:


It does have a tendency to put large holes in places that may not have had holes.


Great Firearms…hmm

Browning Hi-Power
Colt 1903
and of course Revolvers… 2" up to 4"… 6" is fine for certain things, just not real practical for carrying… concealed.

Steel guns… better than polymer… :slight_smile:

But I will admit, we made fun of the lowly Glock in the mid 80s… laughing at the ‘plastic’ gun… the last laugh is on us… it turned out rather well.


Yes we do…


Yes, but have you ever beaten the gun?

I had it happen to me just after I got my Tier one cert. so I was waaaayyyy over tuned. We were all getting busy on the range going as fast as possible, mid string the gun stopped. Tap rack and back at it. One of the range observers was standing behind me when the drill was over, Master Chief SEAL. “What happened?” Me: “I have no idea.” I bent down and found the round I ejected, no primer strike. He say’s “I’ve only seen that happen one time before, you beat the gun and locked it up.” I’m looking at the gun and looking at him “Mechanically that’s not possible.” Say’s I. Grinning he turned away, “I thought that too when I did it.”

There is actually a magical millisecond of time where you can get the trigger back too soon and all the levers get confused because of the square hole in the disconnector. The result, no click, no bang, no trigger reset NOTHING. The only remedy is tap, rack and roll.