116 Anti-Gun Groups Push Biden

Watch “Coalition of 116 Anti-Gun Groups Push Biden To Take Executive Action on Guns at State of the Union” on YouTube

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The vast majority of those anti gun groups are just tiny little mouthpieces for Bloomberg’s multi million dollar anti self defense agenda.


I fully understand that much of Biden’s Anti-Gun Policies
and he has his very rich anti-gun men and women
and they throw their money around and demand Biden to bow to their every demand. Anti-Gun Rules and
Illegal Gun Bans are in the 1000’s and cost are beyond
anyones imagination. Lawsuits are climbing to defeat
these Illegal rules.

This video listed is demanding to destroy our Rights
and now they’re using a State of the Union Address and Biden as the Puppet. 116 Anti-Gun Organizations and the video has a very sicking letter of their demands.


We have to take into consideration that we’re dealing with half a brain! Elder abuse! Sign here x_________________________
Happens all the time!


I have a letter as well, kinda old but many people before me have preserved it the best they could.


I appreciate the Bill of Rights. I am not fighting you or
the entire USCCA or the Pros. Social Media has flooded
many of us with negativity and poor information.

I am not competing or am I fighting you. This shows that I do not know everything but I am teachable.

Thank you

Thanks I needed that.


I really needed that. I was feeling angry :rage: and a bit defeated. As I can completely see this Administration doing what was suggested. Just making law by Fiat Imprimatur. He already destroyed our energy independence with a stroke of his pen on day one of his Administration.

So it’s not that big of a stretch.


If he’s close enough to sniff her hair and they let him get that close to pen and paper he could end it all. If ever there was the epitome of impeachment, his picture should be rightfully displayed!


By a show of hands, who is watching the State of the Union? Me, I can’t stand his vociferous rhetoric! I’ll catch the Cliff Notes. Unless I can get the current House Speaker to tear it up! That would give me a wee bit of hope!


I think I have to clean the toilet that night


117th group