1 Block from my front door

I live 1 block from where she walked down the middle of the street, State Street is a main, 6 lane, thoroughfare through downtown Salt Lake City. Pioneer park is a 3 blocks from my house, we walk down there on Saturdays to the farmers market.
I’m sure, if she attacked me or R with a rock I would draw my EDC. I refuse to take a rock to the head and I sure as hell won’t stand back and watch someone attack R or another person with a rock. Just Sayin.


Hmm, sounds like Ernest T Bass needs to meet this woman! :grinning:


You just never know! On the 22nd our neighbor was coming home for lunch and the street was blocked off, a block and a half over was a raid by the S.O. and City Police on a house with a meth lad in the basement. A woman from a local hair salon was arrested. You just never know. :thinking:


I’m pretty sure if someone threw a rock at me, I’d retreat to a safe distance, call 911, observe, and keep my EDC ready in case they keep coming after me.


Agreed. Retreat would be the answer if someone “threw” a rock at us but in this case, this woman was on the attack.


Well, yes and no. She was throwing rocks at cars and windows.

When LEO arrived, she threw at least one rock at one of them.

Since most CCW carriers are not police officers and have no business giving commands to a delusional rock-thrower, I would still retreat to a safe distance, call 911, observe, and keep my EDC ready.


Lol, can you imagine the 911 operator receiving a call “somebody threw a rock at me”! If I was the operator i would say, well pick it up and throw it back at him!


Exactly, it all depends on the circumstances. Rocks are deadly weapons. We determined on another thread that David’s stone was a .45 cal 230 grain “rock”.


Being a hand loader, “rock chuckers” are actually seen in a different light.